Social Media Posting for Profits

Raise The Profits of Your Business with Social NetworksSocial Media

Do you have some questions on how to post on social media for profit? Awesome! Let’s get started.

Target Audience

Determine who is your target audience, their age, male/female or both, what type of car do they drive, income level, etc.  These are must knows because if your product or service is specifically meant for only men, and you are targeting women you are effectively tossing money out the door by targeting the wrong market.  For more information on drilling down to your target audience, connect with me at

Company Blog

Providing value through your company blog not only raises awareness of your business, it also provides value to your target audience.  Providing free content to your target audience, allows your audience to know, like and trust you.  Your blog can be in written form, video or both.  Most people are more inclined to watch a quick video than read.  Add to that with many social media users today are using their smart phones to browse social media. Think about what your product or service is, and write or shoot a quick video to share with your target audience.  Here are a couple questions to ask yourself: How does your product or service help your audience?  How can your product or service serve to fix your target audience’s problem? When your audience views you as the problem solver, you also gain more credibility and trust.

Social Media Share 

Once you’ve written your blog, share your blog link on all your social media channels.  (Yes, your business should have a Facebook Fan Page or Business Page, YouTube Channel, Twitter Account, LinkedIn, etc.)

To boost your page engagement, also run contests, ask interesting questions and displaying intriguing pictures.  It is a good idea to post at least 3 – 5 times a day on social media to keep your audience engaged.

Think with the End in Mind

Another way to think of it is – determine what your end goal is.  Is it to raise awareness of your brand? Is it to bring more customers in the door?  If you end goal is to bring more customers in your door, run a paid promotion through social media marketing. By running your ad, offer customers who see your ad a discount when they purchase.  An example is, “mention this ad in the store, and receive a 10% discount on your purchase.”  If your end goal is to raise awareness of your brand, run a paid ad through like campaigns.  For instance, a Facebook like campaign will bring awareness to your company by specific target marketing.

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