How to Heal & Grow Your Money Story

What's Your Money StoryHow to Heal & Grow Your Money Story

Your money story is how you relate and think about money.  We all need money to live and we learn at an early age that the more money you have the better life you have.  Now, I am not here to say that’s a true or false statement – I am merely stating what most don’t want to admit – money enables you to do many many things. Yet, at the same time, your money story or what you think about money has the ability to impact your current financials, including your business life.

Your Belief

We all have a belief and relationship with money.   Have you ever compared yourself to someone else, and thought “I wish my life was more like _______?”  In saying that to yourself, was it said in the context of money/status?   In your business life, have you offered a reduction in your fee before even allowing your customer to pay your regular rate?

In reading this it’s possible this is your “a-ha” moment of realizing your own personal relationship with money and how you view it.

Your belief about money and your belief about your self-worth circles around your belief about money.  Whew!  That’s a lot of belief now isn’t it.  See you are worthy of the life and income you truly desire and want.

Make a Decision

Make a decision no matter what that you are going to make money and learn how to change your old, self-serving and worn out money story. I mean really draw a line in the sand, be sick and tire of being sick and tired of your current financial drama.  IT’S YOUR TIME! That decision can sound something like this “I am going to learn how to earn/make more ___________ ” (insert “money”) Now this statement is no different than “I am going to learn how to snow ski, speak a new language, drive a car, etc.”  Yet see how different the two statements make you feel? It’s easy to say I’m going to learn how to speak a new language; and when we instead insert the word “money” there’s that odd stigma.  That, my friend, is exactly what I am talking about.  That stigma must be removed!

Guidance is Here

Now saying and doing are two separate items, right? Here’s the deal…..I am here to help you re-craft your money story and re-purpose your life into grandness and into what you truly desire.

Are you ready to create the wealth you desire and transform your money story into a masterpiece?  Make a commitment to yourself to make a positive change for the good that will change and shape your world! Here’s how to start: Your Divine Journey.

Your Divine Journey is all about you, and creating the life and lifestyle you dream about.  Email me at for more information.   This is a six week coaching program with enrollment now open!

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