How to Create an E-Book


Ever wonder how to create an E-Book?  It’s actually simple when you see the “how to” steps written out.

You may wonder why an E-Book?  The answer is because your E-book can be used as your opt-in when others land on your blog. That means in exchange for a visitor’s name, email and phone number, the visitor receives your E-book in return.

Here are the 4 steps to creating your e-book:

  • What’s Your End Goal?  Think of this as beginning with the end in mind. Is your e-book to build your team, sell a product, to get leads or informational purposes?
  • What Does Your Audience Want?  Ask yourself, what problem does your e-book solve for your audience? Is this the e-book that solves a specific problem?
  • Keep Your E-Book Short, Sweet and Easy to Read. Now this means making your e-book a quick read.  Typically a good rule of thumb is about 15 minutes.  Use an easy on the eyes font and make the font large – try a 14 or 16 font size. Provide an action item in your E-book that your audience can do immediately and invite them to connect with you on their results.
  • Always Have a Call to Action with a Link.  This means to have a connection link asking your audience to connect with you on Facebook, your blog or other type of media.

Happy E-Book creating!  Looking for how to get the flow of your e-book and the 5 Must Have High Converting Elements for your E-book? Check it out here on my blog!


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