By accident I stumbled into the legal area working for high-profile, powerful lawyers. With dedication and hard work, I became one of the top-notch employees earning what many considered extremely high wages plus significant bonuses. I worked hard for the status, wages and bonus structure.

The realization of being a mom set in and I no longer wanted to rush to a job, stay late and work on the weekends and holidays. It hit me the former lifestyle was over.


I relocated, changed jobs, and took on a “less than position” thinking that would be the answer because it would give me my time and freedom back, right? Nope! That wasn’t the answer. I was miserable, broke, bored out of my mind and working just as hard!

In September 2013 a friend shared a network marketing opportunity with me. I tried the product first (I now call it “being a product of the product”) to see if it really worked. Yes! It did. I jumped on board, and had great success with enrolling friends and people I had just met randomily (that’s called “cold market recruiting.”) The commissions rolled in and I loved life. I did exactly what I was taught…. sponsor, sponsor, sponsor one right after the other, and keep that pipeline full of prospects.


Shortly thereafter, I started seeing those weekly commissions decrease, auto shipments were being canceled, and my phone calls to my downline went unreturned. Alien’s had arrived and abducted my team. I was sure of it. I mean why else wouldn’t they return my calls? The team I had built so quickly fell to pieces in a hand basket just as quickly.

Through an invitation to a free webinar, I was introduced to Ray and Jessica Higdon. And the pieces began to come together! Ray taught ILT (Invest, Learn, Teach), and Jessica taught social media profits. Why didn’t I know this before my down line fell apart? At that moment, I took it upon myself to invest in me and became a Platinum Mastermind client of Ray and Jessica’s. The year of coaching and being around like-minded entrepreneurs forever changed my mindset, life and future! Through my experience, I can share with you the methods of ILT, list building and social media marketing so you can skip the pains so many network marketers endure.

To add to my training, I attended a traffic system program, which is a whole new method of online marketing! I am “the lead girl” of PPC (pay per click) ads.  Through the system I learned PPC ads, so I can teach you how to get leads daily, how to build your own list and generate a whole other revenue aside from your current network marketing business.  This method brings on an entirely new strategy far removed from begging your friends and family to joining you in business.

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