5 Must Have Converting Elements for E-Book

How Work Flow of a High Converting E-Book Converts:

In reading thisWork Flow post, be sure to check my earlier post that shares with you the How to Create an -Book which share 4 important steps.

Okay let’s get to it.  Get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage) and let’s hang out for a few minutes.

There are 5 Elements involved in creating the content of your e-book.

Introduction:  This is your opportunity to greet your reader, introduce yourself and welcome them to your e-book.  With your introduction of you, insert your personality so your reader has an ability to get to know you.

Bio:  Your bio here should relate to your reader, what you’ve learned and how what you’ve learned has propelled you in your business (or as it relates to your specific e-book).

Content:  This is obvious, I realize.  However, this is where you place your content about your e-book.  Consider this the main course, nuts-n-bolts.

Strong Call to Action:  High essential!  Your readers are at your e-book and engaged with you.  The reader is literally waiting for you to tell them the next step.  An example is: if you haven’t already received my (insert your give away from your blog/website) head over to my website and download it. Be sure to place a smart hyperlink for your reader to click on (more about that below).

Connection Links:  This section is twofold. Yes, you want links at your signature line so your read can connect with you on social media and other aspects.  However, you will also want to include hyperlinks within your content.  Most read e-books via their smart phone instead of printing it.  With having smart hyperlinks, your reader will be able to click the link and go directly to where you direct them!  Cool, right?



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