5 Hot Strategies to Creating Success

5 Hot Strategies to Creating Success

It’s 2016 and your New Year’s Resolution is to earn more money, create more time, become better at sales, get that new sales promotion, or simply build your business stronger.

Check out these 5 Strategies to Help You Attain Your Direction.Suzette Rahn

1.  Attitude Check

  • Is your attitude set up for success or failure?  Your business or brand takes time to build. Yet often times when you open the doors for sales, the thought is “if I build it, they will come.”  That happens in the movie but not in daily business.  It takes a positive attitude, and a willingness to stay.
  • How do you face challenges? Do you embrace challenges and know that when challenges appear, you are learning and growing? Or do you take a look at challenges by cringing and have the overwhelming feeling to quit? Embrace, accept and welcome challenges with the new perspective you are learning and growing.

2.  Inventory Your Skills

  • Write down what you’re really good at.  Thinking about what you’re really good at isn’t enough. Seriously, write them down.  The art of writing is an awesome brain exercise. Plus, with writing and reading what you’re really good at, places positive focus and increases your mindset.
  • Find a quiet place with no interruptions and write down your vision.   What do you see for your business or brand?  People will be attracted to you when they see your vision and begin to build their own vision and brand from your inspiration.
    • For example – when an employee is part of your vision and feels like an intricate part, he/she will put forth more effort, take more pride in their actions and better represent your brand.

3.  Take a Journey

  • Because of reality TV and other similar shows, people love going on a journey.  When you are willing to open up your business, heart and vision customers will come along with you on that journey.  They will rally behind you to see you succeed and because you shared your vision, they will feel like they did their part in helping you.  Word of mouth referrals is still the best form of advertising.
    • Your journey can include business tips that work, did not work or that you won’t do again and why.Journey
    • You can include weekly or monthly goals and activities you intend attain.
    • Share your weekly personal development – a new book or someone that has inspired you.
4.  Simply Relate
  • Relate to your audience whether that’s your employees or customers.  Allow others to simply relate to you and see you are a real person with awesome value.
  • Keep it real meaning be yourself because after all people do business with others out of forming a relationship.  Have you ever driven across town or out of your way to go to a certain restaurant or store because of the service or because you prefer that store?
5.  Invest .. Learn .. Teach .. “ILT”

This is a acronym coined by my mentor and personal coach Ray Higdon.  

  • Invest – taking time to invest in a personal coach, reading a book or attending a seminar.
  • Learn – you took the time to learn something new, develop a new skill.
  • Teach – take your notes (Ray call’s those uncashed checks) and monetize them through teaching others what you learned.  It’s a way to give back to your community and provide value to those who share your vision.

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