Want a Thriving Business? Fish with 100 Lines – Not 1

Fishing with one Line

Are You Fishing with 1 Line or 100 Lines?

Only doing one of these networking tips could mean you’re only using one line instead of 100 lines.

Your business is only as strong as your customers, and if you do not invest a lot of time and effort into reaching new customers, your bottom line will suffer. It’s safe to say generating new leads for your business is important if you want to succeed. Would you agree that fishing with 100 lines is better than 1 line?  Exactly! Social media is wonderful and certainly creates brand awareness; however, social media is a tool not a strategy.

Networking / Forums

Network Group

  1. Be more active on niche-relevant forums and discussion boards to generate easy leads. If you hang out where consumers ask questions, you can gather trust, brand yourself and be a go-to source for them. Not only will they appreciate your assistance, they will also most likely visit your site for more information or to make purchases.
  2. Survey your current customers about where they typically congregate online. To generate quality leads, you need to understand where your audience hangs out. Once you know, get involved in that community any way you can. That may mean advertising or it may mean becoming a leader in the community.
  3. Leads are very valuable. Not every lead would be appropriate for the marketing campaign that you are running. Which target audience are you after? Don’t market to anyone else. You are more likely to find success when you pick the proper leads.
  4. Set time every week to follow up with potential leads. It usually takes more than one touch point to turn a potential qualified lead into a real hot lead. So after you’ve made first contact, set time a week or two later to touch base again. It’s about frequency here to make this person into a customer.
  5. Talk to business owners in related industries. They may be willing to share leads with you by sending their customers your way. For example, if you own a shop where you sell balloons, talking to a florist about a joint venture is a great way to get leads from another business.
  6. Don’t forget your website! Many people create a site and then just leave it, believing that “if you build it, they will come.” They won’t unless you actually put some effort into it. Create a blog and update it frequently, or add new content as often as possible to the site itself.

Pay Per Click Ads

If you plan to use pay-per-click ads to promote your website or social media, create ads which actually bring in targeted leads. Make sure it is clear what you’re selling and that the call to action is solid. Don’t make them blink or include fluorescent colors unless you want to drive away potential leads.

Ensure when using PPC that you drill down to your exact customer.   Use what you learned in your survey about what customers want so your target can be even more targeted.  Your survey represents your customer’s problems and your PPC and business represent the problem solver.


Look into pay per click campaigns to generate leads. The first place most people go to seek business opportunity is Google. If you aren’t on page 1 organically for the typical search terms they use, then you need to pay to be there. You only are charged if people click the ads, so it’s an excellent way to simply build brand awareness as well.

By investing enough time and effort into lead generation, you can make sure that your business is properly situated for future growth. If you neglect lead generation, on the other hand, your business will suffer. Do not let this happen to you.

Have a fantastic day.

4 Basic Concepts to Achieving Success

Have you ever thought about or muttered this sentence?  “If only I knew last year, what I know today.”   Let’s do a quick exercise right now.  Sit back, close your eyes and think how your life would be any different with the knowledge you have today, as you sit here now reading this.  Would you have read more, pushed yourself more, made more money, opened your dream business or changed any habits?

The great news about all this?  It starts today and from this day forward, you are unstoppable.

Here are the 4 Basic Concepts to Achieving Success – explained.Number 4

  • What are you reading, listening to and how are you enriching your brain?
    • Listen to those who have what you want.  That means a mentor, success coach or someone who has achieved success.
    • Achieve success in what you read or books on tape.  Instead of listening to music while you drive, switch to motivation audio, CD or recorded book.
      • Suggested books:  “It’s Not About You,” “Outwitting the Devil,” “Think and Grow Rich,” “Three Feet from Gold” are a few suggestions.  For more book suggestions, comment on this post and I’ll be happy to share other book titles with you.Success
  • Are you Teachable & for How Long?
    • It means are you willing to keep an open mind? Are you willing to accept change? Are you willing to give up something to achieve success?  How much time are you willing to invest? Are you willing to make a financial investment in yourself?
      • Foolishness is doing the same actions day in and day out thinking you’ll achieve a different result.
      • In order for things to change in your life, you first must change the way you think, do and speak.
  • Continue to have a willingness to learn even when you think “I got it.”  When your mind says “I got it” it slows your ability to keep an open mind and allow information to flow in.  Rather that small statement hinders your ability to learn and retain information.
  • Your Training and Life Balance Scale
    • Think of the left side as your ‘why” and the right side as your “how” you plan to get there
      • Your why equals your thought process, goals, dreams, energy and motivation.
        • Your why is most important as it’s comes back to your thoughts, language and teachability – the words used in your everyday language.  Keep it positive, upbeat and actionable.
      • Your how equals action steps, strategy and plans.
        • Don’t allow yourself to worry about how you will get there.  Your why and positive thoughts will guide you on the how.
        • Overthinking the how tends to poison your thoughts and negative words enter the brain which derail you into believing it’s not possible.
        • In the end the how will work itself out with your positive, upbeat thoughts and desire to succeed.
  • Take in New Information
    • Daily positive affirmations.
    • Repetition – doing it over and over.
    • Observing others doing what you want.
    • Being around those who have what you want.

Remember:  If you continue to think the way you’ve always thought, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got.

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Why Facebook Marketing Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

Technically Facebook Marketing has less calories than peanut butter on pancakes!  Dang! Doesn’t that look yummy though?shutterstock_255612790

Facebook marketing is a great tool for entrepreneurs to appeal to a larger audience while gaining feedback on your goods or services. Because it’s easier to respond directly to customers, a relationship can be easily built. People buy from those they like, know and trust.

  1. Fan Page/Business Page:  If you haven’t already set up a fan page or business page do so now because Facebook does not allow you market your personal page through ads.  With your fan page / business page, each like becomes a lead to your business.  Every like on your page will begin your all important list.  We will talk more about that and how to market to those that are looking for exactly what you offer.
  2. Custom Tabs: When you first create your fan page or business Facebook page, you’ll have general tabs like the wall and info tabs. Extend your capabilities by creating your own custom tabs. Some businesses have tabs that contain links to various kinds of content like products, newsletters, and ongoing contests.
  3. Goals/Expectations:  Set your goals and expectations for your Facebook marketing campaign. This includes your budget – how much do you want to spend either daily or monthly.
  4. Discounts/Offers:  These are hot buttons for restaurants, dry cleaners, and other brick and mortar businesses.  OfferWant More Followers a discount or a freebie on your fan page / business page to increase followers, and will encourage your followers to share the offer. When people share your offer, you are exposing your business to additional customers that may not have heard of you.
  5. Caution:  If you decide to subscribe to updates from other Facebook pages, make sure you do not subscribe to brands you are competing against. Choose pages that will help you create a positive image for your brand. If you want to share other updates with your own following, remember that your brand will thus become associated with that page.
  6. How To Post: When you post content, one of your intentions should be to elicit responses from your community. Therefore, think about each post and figure out how to phrase things so that people will want to comment on what you have to say. Explicitly asking for opinions is one of the best ways to do this.
  7. Be Real:  This one is a BIG one!  Be yourself and be real.  Don’t overcomplicate it.  As you are writing your content, place yourself in front of your perfect customer and write as if you are talking directly to that customer.

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