10 Words that Cripple Your Presentation

10 Words that Cripple Your PresentationPresentation

Your presenting your service, product or business and it’s going awesome.  Then, at some point, it all changes and the participation energy in the room significantly decreases or shifts.  Check out the list below because using any of the words below are likely the crippling cause:

  1. Honestly – using the word honestly within your language sends a trigger to others wondering if every thing said prior was true.  Honestly takes away your credibility. Ever find yourself listing to someone talk and the word honestly is used?
  2. Innovative – this word means “ahead of the times” and when using this word in your presentation your audience psychologically wonderings if it’s real or proven.  
  3. Basically – is a word that means at the bottom. When sharing your business, product or service one does not want to insinuate “at the bottom.”
  4. Cheap – also means inexpensive and referring to your product, service or business as as such gives the impression you are comparing it something else providing other with doubt.
  5. Actually – is another word similar to honestly.  The word actually infers the prior information was not correct.
  6. Cutting-Edge – sounds more like a sales pitch in a presentation, and brings no real value to your direction.  In the fashion world it’s about being on the cutting-edge of fashion and style.
  7. Discount – there is an expectation to clients and customers that once offered a discount, the product or service will continually be discounted.  Using the word discount discredits the price point for what your offering, and gives the impression it’s over-priced.
  8. Don’t/Do Not – negative! The use of either word provides negativity and subconsciously tells your customer not to do what you are asking.  Think of positive words to use when explaining the high points of your products or service.
  9. But – It’s used in many sentences and also includes a negative undertone.  Here’s an example: The sunset was beautiful but.. The mind automatically thinks, something is wrong with the beautiful sunset and conditions the brain to be prepared for something negative.
  10. Like – Oh how this word is used in everyday language when explaining something, especially in teenage girls today  In business, when using this word in your presentation it’s like means comparison to something or else.
  11. Ground Floor – Refers to an apartment building or similar dwelling.  Using the statement ‘this is a ground floor opportunity” means very little the people in your audience listening to your presentation.  In fact it comes off as a pitch and takes away from your credibility.

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